Photography Exhibition

The project had 3 main stages
1.Training: We got mentors, people in the field of photography led by an establied photography Mr. Ade Plumpter who was our guide throughout the event to the exhibition. The students were invited for a three hour training, then were given disposable cameras to capture what brought joy to them and the exhibition was themed ‘Through our eyes’. A week after the training, we got the cameras back and developed and framed the pictures

2.Exhibition: We had an exhibition of the work they produced they came with their teachers and parents. They lived the life of an artist for a day. Their works were sold.

3.Presentation of gifts: The ten state schools were given an opportunity to send in a wish list of resources they need. The money raised from the purchase of the works during the exhibition, was used to buy resources for the schools and the students got 15% of what their work sold for. The photography exhibition was a great success.

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